April 28, 2014

Rabo Capital secures majority stake in Kipp & Zonen

Rabo Capital, a subsidiary of Rabo Private Equity, has acquired a majority interest in Kipp & Zonen, the leading Dutch manufacturer of measuring equipment for solar radiation and other atmospheric properties.

Kipp & Zonen, a Netherlands-based company with roots dating back to 1830, designs, manufactures and sells instruments in the field of meteorology, climatology and sustainable energy that are used to measure solar radiation and other atmospheric properties. Kipp & Zonen’s products are used for a variety of purposes in more than 175 counties worldwide. The end users of the products include a wide range of public-sector and private-sector clients, including research institutes and solar energy system installation companies. In addition to its head office in Delft, the Netherlands, Kipp & Zonen has sales and service offices in France, the US and Singapore.

The Kipp & Zonen management expressed delight at the new partnership with Rabo Capital. Kipp & Zonen CEO Foeke Kuik: “We regard Rabo Capital as a solid partner that will help us increase our opportunities for international growth, while we can continue to focus on strengthening our brand and our leading market position.”

Perry Bos, Executive Director of Rabo Capital: “The company has a long and successful history and has built a solid reputation as an industry innovator. We look forward to working with the management on increasing the company’s growth and consolidating its leading market position.” In the acquisition process, Rabo Capital was advised by Corp., Accuracy, JSA Tax Consultancy and OC&C, with Woodbridge International acting as a consultant to Kipp & Zonen. The latter also used the services of Eversheds B.V. and Stevenson Hood Thornton Beaubier, LLP.