June 30, 2015

Nordian Capital sells stake in Selo to Omori Machinery

Nordian Capital Partners has sold its stake in Selo to Omori Machinery Ltd., a Japanese producer of flowpack machines. At Thursday the 18th of June, Omori and Selo signed an agreement for a strategic partnership, strengthening their long-standing cooperation with the entry of Omori as a shareholder in Selo. Selo will continue its current activities in Food processing, Packaging and Casings and will become the platform for Omori Europe to fuel sales growth for Omori flowpack machines in the European market. The strategic partnership offers Selo the opportunity to leverage on Omori’s sales network outside Europe. Next to the new shareholder Omori, Selo’s four-headed board of directors will remain shareholders in Selo.

Selo Since 70 years, Selo designs, manufactures en sells packaging and processing machinery and equipment for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, Selo sells packaging materials for the meet industry. Apart from its headquarter in Oldenzaal, Selo has sales offices in Germany, UK, Belgium, France and Denmark.

Employees: 130 Sales in 2014: EUR40m

Omori Omori is a leading player in flowpack machinery, headquartered in Japan. It has sales offices in China, India, Thailand and North-America.

Employees: 850 Sales in 2014: EUR180m