July 29, 2015

Nordian Capital sells stake in Delta Wines

End of July 2015 Nordian Capital Partners (formerly Rabo Capital) has divested all shares in Delta Wines to its current management and the initial founders of the company Pim Nolen and Teun Los. By doing so, a successful period is taken to the next level and Delta Wines is entering a new phase of more intense growth and durability.

In 2007 the company, with a turnover of 77 million euro, was sold by the initial founders to HAL Investments and the management team of Delta Wines. By 2011 management acquired 49% of the shares in the company, together with Rabo Capital (currently Nordian Capital) as majority shareholder. After these successful years the company reached a total turnover of 114 million euro in 2014 and is ready to be taken to the next level. With the help of the initial founders, current management has been given the opportunity to be fully independent.

Delta Wines Delta Wines is the holding company of DGS WIJN, Coenecoop Wines Traders, Pallas Wines and Global Wine Operations, importers and distributors of wine. The company has shown strong and steady growth over the last years, including further expansion by gaining AN.KA Wines in Poland and Adveal Wines & Spirits in the Czech Republic.