Nordian Capital Partners has sold Kipp & Zonen to OTT Hydromet Group

maandag 18 dec. 2017

13 December 2017

Nordian Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Kipp & Zonen has been acquired by OTT Hydromet Group.

Kipp & Zonen is a leading manufacturer of solar irradiation systems and atmospheric science instruments with its primary applications in Solar Energy and Meteorology. Its products are among others used for measurements of solar irradiance, far infrared irradiation and atmospheric properties such as ozone concentrations.

Founded in 1830 in Delft, the Netherlands, the company has developed into the global market leader in pyranometers. It is considered a pioneer for the solar power industry where its products are regarded as the industry standard.

OTT Hydromet Group is a group of companies active in the measurement of water quality and quantity, air quality and telemetry. OTT Hydromet Group is a member of Hach Company, a globally active water analysis company.

Erik Valks, CEO of Kipp & Zonen Holding BV: “We are delighted and proud to become part of the OTT Hydromet Group. It will support our mission to be a global, leading manufacturer of instruments that measure climate properties to the benefit of people around the world. Our products and services in Solar Energy and Meteorology are highly complementary to the range of many OTT Hydromet Group companies. Together we have the potential to become the undisputed global leader in our markets, which I value as a very positive development for employees and customers.”

“We are excited to add this respected leader in solar radiation instruments to the OTT Hydromet family,” said Anton Felder, President of OTT Hydromet Group. “Kipp & Zonen complement our existing portfolio and will offer customers a greater ability to measure the meteorological and hydrological parameters that are critical to support them in making informed decisions. I also want to welcome Kipp & Zonen’s knowledgeable and highly skilled associates to our team.”