July 28, 2017

Nordian Capital acquires De Jong Gorredijk

Nordian Capital has acquired De Jong Gorredijk from Noordelijke Participatie Maatschappij ending July. De Jong is a market leading product engineer and manufacturer of stainless steel hot water tanks to buffer and heat sanitary hot water within central heating systems. The Company predominantly produces customer specific build-in tanks (5-300 liters) and customer specific free standing tanks (100-1000 liters) as part of heating systems.

De Jong manufactures its products for renewable systems such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems as well as for traditional heating systems such as conventional heaters. Through its niche product offering De Jong has a strong position as a component supplier to heating system OEM’s and system builders. Its product offering made with stainless steel ensures excellent quality and durability.

Together with the new CEO Arno La Haye, Nordian intends to grow the Company internationally in both the renewable and the traditional end-markets.