UNITED LEGENDZ (Biltz, Mouton, TBK, IJbouw, Meerbouw)​ joins OMDUS

Friday Jul 21, 2023

UNITED LEGENDZ (Biltz, Mouton, TBK, IJbouw, Meerbouw), renovation and maintenance specialist from Amsterdam, is being acquired by OMDUS, a group of companies active in property maintenance and sustainability management.

OMDUS was created when Caspar de Haan and De Variabele merged in 2022, backed by NPM Capital. These companies are mainly present in the South and East of the Netherlands, with UNITED LEGENDZ a strong position in the Randstad is being added. OMDUS is being considered as a strong strategic partner to support UNITED LEGENDZ in its long-term growth ambitions.

UNITED LEGENDZ, formerly known as Biltz, has developed into an innovative multidisciplinary organization with a wide range of services for housing associations and property managers. During the last 18 months, the company has grown strongly, both from its own activities by Biltz, TBK and Mouton, as through the acquisitions of IJbouw and Meerbouw. The team has been strengthened and expanded with, among others, a CFO and operational director.

Michel Hillegehekken (CEO UNITED LEGENDZ): “Over the past two years, we have already taken major steps together with Nordian in realizing our ambitions, including the acquisition of IJbouw and Meerbouw. Now we are ready for the next step. We are proud to have found a strong strategic partner in OMDUS. This will allow us to continue our growth in the coming years and we can seize new opportunities together with the other companies within OMDUS.”

Perry Bos: “From Nordian’s perspective, we have realized many of the plans we envisioned at entry. The main theme of our investment case was based on underlying market growth, driven by a structural increased demand for renovation work in the densely populated area (Randstad). In order to secure a strong position for UNITED LEGENDZ in such a growing market, our aim was to grow the business from around EUR 80m in revenues to EUR 200 million in 2023. The company successfully attracted several new customers and secured long-term contracts with key clients. The additions of IJbouw and Meerbouw accelerated growth, which offers opportunities previously unavailable to either company separately. At Nordian, we are proud of what we have jointly achieved and believe UNITED LEGENDZ and OMDUS have a bright future ahead of them.”

Approval of the Authority Competition and Markets has been requested.