Nordian Capital is a proud partner of Forward·Inc

Monday Jul 11, 2022

ForwardInc is an Amsterdam-based, internationally operating entrepreneurial foundation, founded in 2017 by Laura Di Santolo and Diederick van der Wijk, devoted to helping newcomers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. ForwardInc empowers newcomers to launch, grow, fund, and sustain their own businesses. ForwardInc believes in the incredible talent of people with a refugee background, their value to society, and their potential to build bridges across communities.

Forward’s various programs assist aspiring entrepreneurs with everything from concept development and becoming pitch-ready to implementing marketing strategies and scaling their businesses. So far, ForwardInc has trained over 650 newcomers in entrepreneurship. From these 650 newcomers 84 have started a business. Many of them also deploy their entrepreneurial skills through employment: so far ForwardInc has supported 372 newcomers in achieving economic independence.

Building on a large network of companies (among which Coca-Cola, BCG, eBay, Sthree) a volunteer community of over 300 professionals, investors, student consultants and an international team, ForwardInc is able to support newcomers to achieve economic independence.

Since 2022, Nordian Capital is a proud partner of ForwardInc. We support ForwardInc with a donation, mentorship by our employees and by providing access to our network to all entrepreneurs participating in ForwardInc programs.

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