Amsterdam construction and maintenance company IJbouw joins Biltz

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Amsterdam, January 20, 2023 – IJbouw, a specialist in non-residential and civil construction and making real estate more sustainable, has joined industry peer Biltz as of today. By joining forces, both Amsterdam companies can respond even better to the increasingly complex and larger issues of clients regarding the energy transition. With this partnership, the companies strengthen their position in the market in areas such as construction, property maintenance and sustainability.

Michel Hilligehekken, Biltz board member: “Growth is necessary in the current market, if you look at the developments in the construction industry in recent years. These are developments in the field of sustainability and the associated energy transition within existing housing. By working together you create clout in the market in Amsterdam: together we are strong. In this way we can offer our customers and clients a wide range of expertise and services. In addition, this partnership offers new opportunities and new development opportunities, not only for the company as a whole, but also for our people. In this way we can offer talents a broader platform to develop, something that I find extremely important.
Martin Eman, board member of IJbouw: ''In Biltz we have found the perfect partner, because they offer an addition to our specialisms. Where we as IJbouw now mainly have permanent contracts with governments, educational institutions and multinationals and specialize in civil engineering, Biltz mainly carries out projects for housing corporations and VvEs and specializes in maintenance and sustainability contracts for residential complexes, among other things. We have selected Biltz not only because of the complementary specialisms, but also on the basis of corporate culture and DNA. Our visions fit together seamlessly. So a perfect match.”
''We are not in each other's waters, which creates a connection in terms of disciplines and clients. In addition, there is a good connection on a personal level and the colleagues from IJbouw are a real asset to the larger team.'', Michel Hilligehekken continues.

Until now, Biltz and its sister companies consisted of three companies: Biltz (established in 2012), Mouton (joined in 2019) and TBK (joined in 2021). The Biltz Group is a leader in Amsterdam in the field of sustainable renovations, maintenance of residential and non-residential buildings and installation technology. IJbouw is the fourth company to join the group. With the help of investor Nordian Capital, the group can form a solid front.

IJbouw will continue to operate independently under its own name. The coming months will be used to initiate a joint process, in which the logo and house style will be converted into a general house style. So while retaining its own name and unique strength, but as a clear part of one family. In addition, the entire group will continue to develop in the field of sustainability, the focus in the coming months will be on internal optimization and individual development. Our people are central to this.