From kitchen table to success story

We are Nordian, an entrepreneurial investment company formed in 2014 from Rabobank Capital and Friesland Bank Investments. With a wealth of experience in the acquisition of businesses and investment management, we aim to connect and grow businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and the community as a whole.

Respect, comprehend, develop and achieve are the core values that set Nordian apart. We value respecting individuals and their ideas, thoroughly understanding complex challenges, encouraging continuous development & growth, and ultimately achieving measurable results.

Our collaboration is first based on listening, understanding and deepening together. Then we start setting goals, together with the management team. And taking action, to achieve the set goals and create tangible impact.

At Nordian, a human and personal approach is key. We value respect, not only within our team, but also towards everyone involved in our activities, and towards the wider society.

Our curiosity drives us to thoroughly understand everything before taking important decisions. Pushing boundaries and achieving growth is our ambition. We strive to add value in a broad sense and achieve ambitious goals in a sustainable way. So that they have lasting effects in the long term.

"At Nordian, we believe in the potential of entrepreneurship and the power of collaboration. We are proud to invest in the future, striving for sustainable success and growth. Together, we build resilient organizations and achieve major things."

Joost Sars – Managing Partner Nordian