January 14, 2015

Repositioning DGS Group under new name Group of Butchers

Repositioning with buy-and-build strategy under the name Group of Butchers

DGS, which was founded in 1997 and developed into the DGS Group over the years, will expand into new markets in 2015 and will continue under the name Group of Butchers. This new name heralds a total repositioning for this high-quality player in the market of meat and pre-prepared meat products. The repositioning follows on from a cooperative venture with Nordian Capital Partners, with whom DGS has devised a buy-and-build strategy. As a result, the Group has since acquired four market parties and more acquisitions will probably follow.

Group of Butchers is home to six specialised production companies that manufacture traditional high-quality meat products for the retail market, the out-of-home market and (airline) caterers. The Group focuses on the core values of passion, innovation and craftsmanship and stands out from its competitors on the market thanks to its years of experience with traditional meat preparation methods such as smoking, grilling, boiling, frying and roasting, but also mixing, seasoning, pickling, drying and ripening.

The new name refers to the group character of the organisation. It is, after all, a group of companies, each with its own specialist product area. At the same time, the name and the new house style establish a link with the group’s positioning as a closely-knit band of professionals that practice their butchers’ trade with great passion day after day. The Executive Board of Group of Butchers, all ambitious, young entrepreneurs with a love for the butchering trade, has expressed its aim to produce and deliver the tastiest and best-quality products for its growing list of customers. Fresh every day, with the focus on seven product groups: meatballs, beef tartare, grilled meat products, beef products, spit-roasted products, smoked sausage and luxury boiled ham.

Passion and innovation

The men behind Group of Butchers are the product of several generations of entrepreneurs in the world of meat and meat products. Which is also why Nick Visser, Wilbert Wolfs, Ralph de Vries and Geert Verbrugge like to describe themselves as a group of butchers that work with meat but don’t just manufacture meat products. They are closely connected to each other by a deep passion for the fascinating product of meat and are constantly creating new concepts with meat and pre-prepared meat products. Innovation and modernisation are therefore the key to their rapidly growing business, which is bursting with ambition.

An ambition that they share with co-shareholder Nordian Capital Partners: “Our aim is to keep expanding our current turnover of around €100 million in the coming years through both organic growth and takeovers. This repositioning is an important milestone in our business strategy and is turning us into an international company with multiple production locations. We set out on this strategic adventure two-and-a-half years ago with the conviction that the meat product sector is full of opportunities for success. Thanks to the further consolidation of our specialised butcher companies, we are constantly working to further improve our quality products for our customers.”

In 2015, Group of Butchers wants to position itself as a market leader in the area of fresh quality meat products. To achieve this, the underlying six specialised production locations in the Netherlands and Belgium are all contributing something of themselves to the end result, inspired by the motto: LET’S MAKE SOMETHING SPECIAL

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