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World Wide Lighting

Investing in international growth, while capturing the opportunities in the rapidly growing LED lighting market

World Wide Lighting is a fast growing e-commerce platform in lighting products for business customers in Western Europe through among others its website Lampdirect.nl. The Company is based in Helmond and Eindhoven and has been rapidly growing since its foundation in 2009.

Nordian acquired the company together with management with the ambition to create further growth by investing in international markets and by further professionalization of the business. The market for lighting products is rapidly changing and growing by the introduction of LED, smart LED and connected LED. World Wide Lighting is well positioned to benefit from this transition and can expand its position in this market by its strong network in the lighting market and expertise in e-commerce.

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“We’re active in a fast pace market; both buying behavior of customers and the product portfolio are changing continuously. We feel that Nordian Capital is an investor that provides us with the expertise and capital to choose the right direction and grow our business further. This will enable us to continue working towards our goal, to reach maximum impact in terms of providing sustainable lighting solutions for our customers.”

Bram van der Linden – CEO World WIde Lighting