progressive protection


Building the leading supplier of corrosion protection and anti-fouling systems for the offshore wind and maritime segments.

Corrosion designs and manufactures systems and delivers spare parts and services to protect maritime vessels and offshore wind installations against corrosion and marine growth. The company mainly delivers impressed current systems (ICCP and ICAF) which protect the hull of ships, box coolers and seawater intakes within ships and foundations of offshore wind structures.

Traditional corrosion protection uses sacrificial anodes to protect steel against rust and pollution. This is not environmentally friendly because they release large quantities of heavy metals into the environment. Corrosion’s systems, i.e. Impressed current systems, do not have this problem and are therefore much more environmentally friendly.

Through its laboratory the company is continuously focused on innovation, evidenced by the product launch of the UV-C box cooler, which achieves anti-fouling protection of the box cooler through UV-C light.

Management and Nordian plan to achieve growth in the growing offshore wind market, enhanced by further penetration of ICCP systems and building on the position within the maritime segment, with a strong undercurrent of business out of its installed base of vessels.

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