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Van der Valk + De Groot

Creating a leading European sewer management player.

Vandervalk+Degroot’s core activities are cleaning, renovating, maintaining and inspecting sewer infrastructure. It also advises clients on sewer infrastructure management. With a network providing nationwide coverage in The Netherlands, Vandervalk+Degroot has become market leader in The Netherlands. The company is also active in Belgium and the United Kingdom. Vandervalk+Degroot’s client base is comprised primarily of local, regional and national governmental agencies in The Netherlands such as municipalities, district water boards, provinces and the national government. It also works for utility companies and large industrial companies.

The strategy of Vandervalk+Degroot’s is structured around autonomous growth as well as growth in selected geographic areas by realising add-on investments, while further professionalising operational and financial controls of the business.

type of case:
Buy & build, International expansion

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