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Bangkok Ranch / Cherry Valley Farms

Becoming the global market leader in duck breeding and processing.

Nordian became a shareholder in Tomassen Duck-To, a duck abattoir located in Ermelo, through a buyout in 2006.The company merged with Bangkok Ranch in Thailand in 2007 and the acquisition of Cherry Valley Farms (UK and China) followed in 2010, which created a global player in the duck segment. The activities in Thailand and The Netherlands were sold to a Thai/Dutch consortium in late 2012, with Nordian remaining a shareholder in Cherry Valley Farms. Cherry Valley is the worldwide market leader in the field of breeder ducks (‘livestock’), holding a strong market position in China and exports its breeder ducks to more than sixty countries. It is also a major supplier of frozen ducks in the United Kingdom.

Nordian acquired Tomassen in 2006 to become a global live- and deadstock player through a buy & build strategy.

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Buy & build, International expansion

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